My Grading System


5 STARS means the book was flawless. The characters, setting, plot, and dialogue all worked seamlessly together. I enjoyed the book so much that it will eventually be re-read and it will have a lasting place on my book shelf. This book will definitely be recommended to everyone!! It had a real BOOM!



4 STARS means the book was enjoyable, but a few things held it back. Something was not working such a character or plot point. It might be re-read and it will have a place on my book shelf, but it might not be permanent. This book will still be a recommended read.



3 STARS  means that the book was an okay read. Nothing really sparked for me. It had more than a few problems or things that did not click. Grammatical errors might be present as well. It most likely won’t be re-read. It’s shelf life will be short. This book most likely won’t be a recommended read.


2 STARS means that the book was a terrible read, but a concept was there. It needs a lot of work character, plot, and dialogue wise. Grammatical errors are definitely present. It won’t be re-read and it won’t be recommended.



1 STAR means that I didn’t finish the book (which is a rare occurrence) or it’s a book that I really hated (another rare occurrence)–meaning that I didn’t find anything redeemable in it at all. This book won’t be recommended at all.



Sometimes a book is almost there to another star or sometimes it’s pretty close to removing a star, but something redeems it to the middle-ground stage. Those times bring out the half stars. My reviews will most likely explain the reasoning for including a half star.

Leave me know your thoughts here!

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