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#365daysofbooks Instagram Challenge!

Hi all!

So I decided recently to do/create an Instagram challenge. I wanted to share my love of reading and my love of social media ;). I decided on Instagram because I think visuals are a great way to reach people, plus who doesn’t love those Instagram challenges?!

I’m not entirely sure if something like this already exists, but I started the challenge: 365 Days of Books (#365daysofbooks). I will be posting a book a day for a year on Instagram. The genres will be various and #365daysofbooks; some books I might not have read yet, but I hope to share with everyone some awesome books! I will also post the back-cover summaries and I might tag the author if they’re on Instagram. Basically, I just want to spread the word about books and hopefully introduce people to a new read (or dare I hope even a new favorite?!).

If you’d like to follow along in the challenge, you can follow me on Instagram @tlg2niki or through the hashtag: #365daysofbooks.

If you’d like to participate, that’d be awesome too! I’d love to see what books others would pick πŸ™‚ Just use the hashtag #365daysofbooks. You can also leave your Instagram in the comments below or comment one of my photos so that I know to follow your challenge as well!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

As Always,

Happy Reading!






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