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Vogue Fashion Night Out in Roma!

Hey everyone!

I know this is old news, but I just wanted to share my experience at Fashion Night Out in Rome put together by Vogue. I haven’t had an opportunity to go in New York, so when I found out that Vogue was sponsoring a night out in Rome I just had to go! I was able to spend the night out with two of my roommates living with me here in Rome. The streets were crowded, the stores lit up and filled, and the night felt alive! I was able to visit some name brand stores like Luis Vuitton and Burberry! Fashion is something I’ve been in love with for a while now and being able to experience this night in Rome, Italy–Italy being a hub for where multiple important designers began–was an experience I’ll always remember!

Fashion Night Out opens the opportunity for people to explore stores that stay open for a longer amount of time. It allows for people to bond over the love of fashion, to see and buy some new lines and collections, Β to witness the fashions of everyday people who dress to the 9’s while there, and if you’re lucky meet some of the designers! The night for me was one of discovery and excitement! I was able to come across new Italian stores and designers as well as visiting some of the classics! Here are just a few photos from my experience! I hope to be able to take part in the New York one next year!

Louis Vuitton in Rome – VFNO
Inside Louis Vuitton – VFNO
Burberry – VFNO
The Crowded Streets of Rome! – VFNO

Happy Traveling!



Have you been to a Vogue Fashion Night Out? What are your favorite VFNO stories? Where you at Rome’s VFNO? Leave your comments below!!Β 


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