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Lying vs.The Supernatural

Hey everyone,

So I know this topic probably has be beaten down, but noticing the TV trends has me wondering which trend will win out or burn out first. You’ve probably already recognized the Teen oriented TV trends: Lyning and the Supernatural. Shows such as “The Lying Game,” and “Pretty Little Lyers,” are obvious in their lying themes. However, if you think about it there are other shows centered on lies, or more exactly: secrets. ABC Family’s “Switched At Birth” and their newest “Jane by Design” are centered around secrets that the characters have to keep, but these secrets are essentially lies. Since most of these are newer shows, it seems that this “lying” trend is rising in the Teen TV show genre. (Anyone else a little weirded out that all these “lying” shows are on ABC Family–a family station?).

Anyway on the reverse side we have shows like “Supernatural,” “Vampire Diaries,” Β and “True Blood” taking over the TV teen genre as well. Supernatural shows also seem to be growing with the newly added shows of “Teen Wolf” and “Secret Circle” by MTV and the CW. As viewers get moreΒ obsessedΒ with the immortal and supernatural it seems that these shows are no longer just riding the Twilight high, but rather are growing as their own genre on TV right now.

After seeing both these themes on the rise and battling for viewers. I”m just wondering which one will burn out first and which one is gaining the lead now. To me they seem pretty tied. I personally am a supernatural junkie, but I’ve seen a lot of ABC Family’s “The Lying Game.” I can see how both genres have a large following. My bet, however, is on the Supernatural trend. But who knows, I could be totally wrong! πŸ˜‰

Which trend do you think is longer-lasting? Are you “lying” or a “supernatural” viewer? Tell me what you think!

Happy Watching!




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